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South Park - Leopold Butters Stotch
Butters is the boys' innocent little classmate. He is by far the most naive and well-natured of the 4th graders. Butters debuted as a background character when South Park first aired on August 13, 1997, and his role gradually increased as the series progressed. Butters is cheerful, naive, optimistic, and more passive relative to the show's other child characters, and can become increasingly anxious, especially when faced with the likelihood of his parents' punishments. Butters doesn't indulge in foul-mouthed language as often as the other children on the show, instead preferring to use minced oaths. Butters speaks with a mild stutter and tends to fidget with his hands. [read more...]

South Park - Wendy Testaburger
Wendy is Stan's main squeeze, and is also the most outspoken of the 4th grade girls. She's not afraid to go against the grain of what's popular or trendy...unless it has to do with winning the attention of Stan.
She's best friends with Bebe and until very recently, was the Class President of South Park Elementary. She is the show's most prominent female student, and the show's main source of perspective in that regard.
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South Park - Bebe Stevens
Bebe Stevans is the best friend of Wendy Testaburger. She first prominently appears in the South Park - season 2 episode "Clubhouses", where she develops a crush on Kyle Broflovski and uses a game of Truth or Dare as an excuse to kiss him. Bebe Stevens, voiced by associate (now supervising) producer Jennifer Howell (and in her first speaking role, Mary Kay Bergman), is a girl in the 4th grade class of South Park Elementary, in the series South Park. [read more...]

South Park - Clyde Donovan
South Park character Clyde is a fellow 4th grader in the boys' class. He's the fattest kid next to Cartman, who he ironically has expressed a very strong disdain for.
Clyde Donovan (originally Clyde Goodman and briefly Clyde Harris) maintains a friendship with the show's main characters and is among the most often-seen of the boys' extended group, playing small roles in several episodes. He is also known for his constant crying at "the drop of the hat". He has a major appearance in the three part story arc Coon 2: Hindsight, Mysterion Rises and Coon vs. Coon and Friends appearing as his alter-ego Mosquito. His nasal voice is provided by Trey Parker.

South Park - Craig Tucker
South Park character Craig is another student in Garrison's class. He's constantly flipping people off and has been deemed a "bad influence" by many of the parents. Characterized by his blue chullo hat and nasal, monotone voice, Craig Tucker has played a significant role in several episodes. Cartman once claimed that Craig was the "biggest troublemaker in class".
Despite his hatred for adventure, he plays a crucial role in these two episodes, saving the world from guinea animals, but is shown even after doing so unintentionally to care little. He has shown keen abilities for Sumo Wrestling, producing addictive cable access TV shows ("Close-up Animals With a Wide Angle Lens"), and most recently, was revealed to be the ancient Incan key to stopping the attack of the guinea pigs.
He is voiced by Matt Stone.

South Park - Jimmy Valmer or formerly Jimmy Swanson
South Park character Jimmy is a fellow classmate of the boys, originally introduced to us when the boys were in Boy Scouts. He is "Handi-Capable" and enjoys using his disabilities as an advantage during his stand-up comedy routines, most of the time requiring crutches in order to walk. Jimmy is able to speak coherently, though his speech is largely affected by his stuttering and his tendency to end some of his sentences with "...very much".
Jimmy debuted in the South Park season five episode "Cripple Fight", in which he moves to South Park from a neighboring town and antagonizes Timmy.

South Park - Timmy
South Park character Timmy is a mentally and physically handicapped boy who uses a motorized wheelchair. He has a very poor vocabulary usually shouting his own name "Timmy" and "Jimmy", "Gobbles" or "Livin a lie".
Timmy debute is as a minor character in the South Park season four episode "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000"
In the Coon and Friends he appears as the deadly superhero "Iron Maiden."
Timmy is voiced by Trey Parker.

South Park - Token Black
South Park character Token is the only African-American child in South Park and he is also the richest kid in South Park.
His name is a reference to tokenism. The name has been interpreted as an example of the anti-political correctness attitude of South Park and as an implication that the tokenism phenomenon is outmoded enough to be a laughing matter.
Token is a very gifted singer and can play bass guitar. When he's not playing the bass guitar, he's saving the world teaming up with the infamous superhero squad Coon and Friends. His secret identity: "Tupperware!"

South Park - Tweek Tweak
South Park character Tweek Tweak is a jittery nine year old boy, addicted to caffeine and suffers from ADD.
Tweek is introduced in the South Park season two episode "Gnomes", and is as prominent as one of the four main characters throughout the middle portion of the South Park season six. He seems to have very bad anxiety caused by constantly drinking so much caffeine - especially at such a young age. Tweek is constantly shaking or twitching and is always depicted with spiky, disheveled blond hair and an incorrectly-buttoned shirt and everything for him is "Too much pressure!"

South Park - Bradley Biggle

Bradley Biggle is normal 4th grade student by day, and America's favorite super hero by night (Mintberry Crunch!) in Coon 2: Hindsight, Mysterion Rises, and Coon vs. Coon & Friends His true name is Gokzarah, he's from the planet Ko-Tojn, and he's been blessed with the power of Mint & Berries with a tasty, satisfying crunch. Using this power, he alone saves our planet.

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